Lavazza Espresso Machines

Lavazza espresso machines are well known for their easy controls. Using lavazza espresso machines you can make cups of coffee with great taste and impress your friends and family with a press of a button. These espresso machines are widely used in homes and workplaces all around the world that they installed Lavazza espresso point itself in 1,600,000 workplaces and serving coffee to millions.

Lavazza espresso point machines, super automatic espresso machines, Lavazza blue machines and stovetop moka pots are various models available in Lavazza machines. Lavazza espresso point unlike other espresso machines uses separately designed capsules that can be used to prepare regular coffee, gourmet espresso, tea, hot chocolate and soup. Lavazza espresso capsules have enough grounds for single serving and remain fresh until you use coz they are sealed individually. These machines also have a good facility to hold around three liters of water with which it can produce several cups of espresso before refilling. It also allows user to brew their coffee manually or automatically.

Lavazza Blue where Blue stands for Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso can also make individual portions of coffee or espresso and uses the lavazza capsules. These capsules are available in different flavors and roasts. Lavazza blue machines are available in different models suitable for home, office and public places. LB 2000 comes as a table top and can be used efficiently at work places. LB 800 and LB 1000 are different Lavazza Blue machines that are perfect for home use. The only drawback of this machine is you can't fill a large coffee mug with one serving and you have to use the machine twice. This hopefully should be fixed soon in the forthcoming models but still it isn't a big problem.

You can have great fun brewing coffee with any Lavazza espresso machines and will never regret buying it.