Pasquini Espresso Machine

Pasquini manufactures the high quality espresso machines for both household and commercial purposes. There are various models that allow the customer to choose the required espresso machine based on his requirement. There are traditional machines, super automatic machines, Livia series and Livietta series.

In traditional machines the volume of the espresso shot that comes out of the machine is either controlled by the machine automatically or controlled manually. These machines are equipped with a water tank and it requires no additional plumbing, and the size is compact and fits into a counter space.

The super automatic versions have an additional feature called Milk precision system (MilkPS). Milk based beverages and milk frother cappuccinos can be prepared very easily with the touch of a button. The milk circuit is emptied automatically after each cycle to maintain hygienic conditions. There are again various versions available in this model.

Livia series are the most happening espresso machines, which not only produces excellent coffee but does it consistently. The pressure and temperature features of these machines are set in such a way that the shots come out of the machine consistently. Livia 90 is one version in this series with which steaming milk will not be a problem. Water tanks are huge and can hold lots of water and your cappuccino will be ready at any time of the day in few seconds. These machines are expensive than the other models and range from 1,785 USD to 1,975 USD.

Livietta series are well known for their brewing time. It just takes two minutes for brewing and four minutes for steaming. So the cappuccinos, lattes, coffee, espresso can be made in no time. It has user friendly options and comes with a cup warmer on top of the machine.

If you want to deserve the best coffee or other beverages then you should definitely buy the Pasquini espresso machines that suite your needs.