Rancilio Espresso Machines

Rancilio manufactures high quality espresso machines. Rancilio manufactures all kinds of machines ranging from traditional espresso machines to fully automatic espresso machines.

Epoca is a new and innovative product from Rancilio which is easy to operate and brews good coffee. It comes with a patented feature which helps in brewing good coffee and also makes it a world class product. Epoca is available in red and gray colors with metallic finish. Other Rancilio products are classified into different categories like classe 6, classe 8 and classe 10.

Classe 6 is an essential coffee machine for those who want to have good coffee but has less space for the machine. Classe 6 is a compact model and fits well into a counter space. The three versions of Classe 6 model are classe 6 with lever control version, with manual dosage control or with automatic dosage control. Each version again has different models based on the boiler capacity. The boiler capacity ranges from 5 liters to 16 liters.

Classe 8 is another essential coffee machine with innovative designs and technology which provides high quality. Classe 8 is also a compact version and fits well into a counter space. The two versions of Classe 8 are semi automatic version and with automatic dosage control. The in built computer warns the user of the coffee is not brewed perfectly or if the ground is not perfect. Weekly program can be set and the machine on and off according to the schedule. The automatic steam wand will produce a soft and remarkably compact cr?me. Different versions based on the boiler capacity are available.

Classe 10 is the high end espresso machine and lots of research and experience have been put into designing this model. The three models are Classe 10 with automatic dosage control or with manual dosage control or with mechanical group version that produces high quality espresso. Rancilio espresso machines are available in various models and you can choose the one that suits your need and happy brewing.