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Solis Espresso Machine

Solis of Switzerland manufacture a wide range of espresso machines. They are into all kind of machines like semi automatic espresso machines, fully automatic espresso machines, cappucinomats and coffee grinders.

Crema SL 70 is the semi automatic coffee machine used worldwide in households and offices. It comes with a three liter water chamber, high performance pump that gives you required pressure, solid brass portafilter, steam nozzle and additional area on top of the machine to heat your cup. Solis SL 70 is available in white or black metal housing and you can buy it for 375 USD. Solis fully automatic espresso machines look prefect and come with all required features. They are excellent to use in cafes, coffee bars, household, office and in many places. Master 5000 is a fully automatic version which is easy to operate. It comes with noiseless grinders, adjustable coffee grinding quantity, 1.8 liter water container, adjustable coffee outlet, and a container for collecting coffee waste. It also has an automatic on off system which shuts off when not in use. The LCD panel display comes in six languages.

Palazzo 520 is another version of fully automatic espresso machine for high demands. It has additional room to store more water and quick team system for frothing milk quickly. Another product, Ultra "one touch cappuccino" type 518 produces delicious cappuccino with just a simple press of a button. Through the user friendly LCD display you can select over five programs for the beverages like cappuccino, caf? cr?me, instance espresso, tea and additional milk froth. LCD display can guide you in fourteen languages. This espresso machine comes with additional features like 2.4 liter water tank, coffee waste container for about 24 portions, integrated rinsing, cleaning and decalcification program and integrated milk frother.

Solis Espresso Machines produce the best coffee and beverages and good to buy for household or offices or for any other places