2-cup Teapot

Tea, for many long years now, has been a drink that refreshes both the body and the mind after a day's hard work and toil, or for that matter, anytime you wish to take a break, relax your senses, gather some energy and boost your spirits, tea is found to be the next most popular beverage throughout the entire world after water. With the rise in popularity of tea, the art of properly and efficiently serving the tea has also gained a great degree of importance. Serving the tea in a manner that makes you feel greatly refreshed on one hand and keeps the flavor and aroma of the brew intact for a longer period, on the other hand is highly appreciated. Today, in lots of countries it is seen to that there is a fine setting to enjoy the tea by setting up a pretty tea table that you and your guests can have the tea at, in pleasurable surroundings. The table setting must include cups and saucers if possible, but a teapot is a must. Tea always comes in a pot, which is carried to the table, along with sugar, tongs or a spoon for the sugar cubes, a milk pitcher, a napkin, and of course a spoon to stir the tea, all of these on a tray.

Teapots come in various shapes and styles and in sizes that can hold quantities of1 cup onwards to nearly 8 cups of tea. Teapots that can hold 2 cups of tea are known as 2-cup teapots. While some of them do not, many of these teapots even have matching cups, saucers, mugs and plates. When it comes to availability, 2-cup teapots are available in ceramic, stainless steel, etc. Antique 2-cup teapots are also available, for example, the Tetsubin teapot is an antique Japanese 2 cup teapot/ tea set that are made out of cast iron, with generally organic, geometric or animal pattern designs. It is a wonderful reflection of the history and culture of the Japanese. Coming back to stainless steel and ceramic, while the former ensures a look of class and elegance, the latter, being available in an array of colors, patterns and designs, is sure to give a dainty look to your table.

While buying any 2-cup teapots, it is important to follow a few pointers. Firstly, pay attention to looks. Selecting a teapot that is appealing to your eyes is necessary. Remember that an attractive teapot instigates conversation, making you desire to admire and praise it before your guests. Secondly, pay attention to the material. The choice of the material depends on the use you will need to put your teapot to - if you want to only serve tea in it or if you want to brew in it as well, etc. A third thing to check is the handle. Check and see to it that material of the handle is one that does not itself get heated, thus making it problematic to hold the teapot. The final two things you need to check are the flow of the teapot and the tightness of its lid to ensure that you have no troubles of leakages, etc. while pouring your tea. So, with this in mind, go get your own nice-looking 2 cup tea pot and make your evenings or rest breaks relaxing and comfortable, sharing tea with your loved one.