21st Century Herbal Slimming Tea

21st century herbal slimming tea is a product offered by 21st century® Healthcare Inc. this company has a wide range of slimming tea products. They are the largest international producers of diet supplements in the United States of America. They have a numerous different products and most of them are exported to around fifty different nations around the globe.

All of their products conform to the strict regulatory standards of the (cGMP) and have the approval of the FDA. Further more their products are all conformed to provide excellent quality and purity with unrivaled freshness.

The 21st century® Healthcare Inc has 8 different varieties of herbal slimming tea. They are listed out as follows:

* Natural slimming tea

* Cranraspberry slimming tea

* Green tea slimming tea

* Honey lemon slimming tea

* Lemon lime slimming tea

* Orange slimming tea

* Peach Apricot slimming tea

* Peppermint slimming tea

All these slimming teas contain green tea extracts. The tea has been attributed with several slimming effects. The health reimbursements are planned out widely. The typical gains are devoted to the anti oxidants present in the leaves, called as polyphenols. These anti oxidants are ahead of misgiving and all set to provide a hand in supporting a superlative immune structure and also in a lot of cases have been long-established to battle off even cancer cells. The anti oxidants also give a hand in safeguarding the vitality and youth of the body, by forestalling cell aging. When the cells age, they not only confirm the way to smash down of the cells, but also express the aging of the absolute body. This is the raison d'être why the herbal tea has been credited with massive health benefits.

The 21st century herbal tea is also said to lessen cholesterol and helps in burning of fat from the body. Women also have a propensity to bring into play this 21st century herbal tea for its beauty profits, as it has been proved that long term drinking of the herbal tea can actually bring an astonishing radiance to the skin. In adding up to the glow, it also helps the women in keeping up their slim figures, making them popular among them at length.

All of these 21st century slimming tea bags are being sold in a package of 24 tea bags. All the tea bags come with a free diet plan and the tea can be enjoyed either as hot tea or iced cold tea.