African Red Tea

The main reason behind all the explorations into many versions of tea is based on the fact that human beings are busy trying to get any food that can enhance the health of human beings, the African red tea is one of the many brands of tea that have been proved to have a large number of curative nutrients that make the consumers' health better and well nourished.

The African red tea is popular from South Africa although Japan is also known to have the same red tea. It is derived from the herbal red bush rooibos which is known to have outstanding medicinal and curative values. With the knowledge that most of the health related complications from most o the commercial beverages is found in caffeine, it is a relief to get a beverage that is absolutely caffeine free and with lots of medicinal abilities. The African red tea is one such tea that guarantees high nutritional value with no risk of any of the side effects that are commonly experienced as a result of the caffeine content in most beverages.

One important point that gives the African red tea an advantage over its counterparts such as the black or green teas is the low tannin content. Tannin is the polyphenols responsible for the seemingly strange taste that is common in both the green and black teas. This low tannin content gives the red African tea a better taste as compared to the other teas.

Many of the tea brands in the market are forced to go through treatment to contain the caffeine content in them. Considering that he red African tea has absolutely no caffeine content in it, it therefore goes through no treatment at all making it very fresh and keeping all its natural nutrients at the same time. The mineral content in the African red tea is quite wide including minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, copper and potassium among others.

The main reason why the African red tea is preferred as a beverage and for its medicinal quality is in the fact that it has potent antioxidant content that the consumer's body from any possible exposure to free radicals. The same antioxidants are also reputed to reduce the fat levels in blood a factor that helps in the reduction of cholesterol thus supporting the consumer in any efforts at obesity that he/she may be exposed to.