Asian Tea Sets

Drinking tea for the longest time has been one of the best time passes for asian people. There have been amazing and many benefits that is being associated with drinking tea. Those who have been drinking tea on a very regular basis have also known to have enjoyed a better health, and also normally live longer because of this. It could be tea which is the secret of even the culture or just the habit of tea drinking that is behind the long life. This is not what is important, we all know that just drinking tea works. It helps in the body detoxification as well as improves the health overall of the individual.

The most interesting part of this habit is that there have been a variety of pots that have been created for this purpose only, they come in various sizes and shapes. When you manage to examine them on a closer level you will be able to find how it just reflect asian culture.

Many of these asian teapots are small and could be easily lifted by just using two fingers. These cups are tiny when compared to the western cuts. You could be able to just fill only a mouthful using this tea cup. This is normally because many Asians just like to enjoy every bit of having their tea. Therefore, it is not very important for a teacup to be large in size.

Drinking tea sessions normally could take a long time, and as they do these teapots also rests itself on a flame. This flame helps in keeping the tea nice and warm as and when the tea drinking sessions progress.

Some examples of asian teapots are the following

1) Buddhist sutra: the look of the teapot could look like any other ordinary teapot. The main difference is that it normally comes with a smaller lid. There are many Buddhist scriptures right on the pot shoulder. These letters normally form a poem and are of golden color.

2) Wind teapot: these teapots normally appear to look rounder when being compared to other teapots. Many Asians just like the idea of drinking their tea from this teapot in their garden.

There could be many other types of teapots as well that many Asians normally use. They could differ in size, shape and the color entirely dependent on the creativity of the artist. These designs are normally based on the elements of objects of the nature or creatures from east.