Assam Black Tea

Assam is a state in the Northern part of India. Assam is known all over the globe for its wonderful tea. The Assam black tea is the world’s best tea, and is an ingredient of the Irish break fast tea. Assam black tea is cultivated in the mountain ranges of Assam. The Assam black contributes to more than half of all the tea produced in India. The Assam black tea belongs to the family of Camellia, which is the generic name for the tea family. The plant grows quite lustrously and can reach even up to the height of about fifteen yards, but only under extreme care and encouraging natural environment.

The year 1930 saw 2 British men, who were brothers. One of them was Robert and the other was Charles Bruce. They initiated the plantations of tea in Assam, as India was reeling under the British rule at that point of time. The tea cultivated in Assam soon grew in tremendous popularity and the heavenly aroma and the brilliant taste encouraged the Assam black tea to be nick named as the local cognac.

The main trait of the Assam black tea which makes it stand apart from the other Indian tea blends is probably its outstanding aroma. Also the unique sharp and puckering taste is considered to be the special trait of the Assam black tea. The Assam black tea is not only a part of the world renowned Irish break fast tea, but also is a strong contender in its individual right. The popularity of the Assam black tea spans nations.

The Assam tea has a strong and compelling color which is quite concentrated and is considered to be analogous to the crust color of a biscuit. The Assam black tea belongs to the forceful and the vigorous variety of tea, and will definitely jolt you out of your sleepy mood when you have it along with your break fast. No wonder that the Assam black tea is the strong ingredient of many of the other power packed break fast teas. Indians love to drink tea, with each person drinking at least 2 to 3 cups on an average per day, through out the year. Even avid tea drinkers swear by the fact that the Assam black tea is quite a tonic in its effect, and has lots of vigour and power packed in to its wonderful blend.