Bags For Tea

For a very long time, tea was simply sold as loose tea leafs in simple packets and it was up to the client to pick the tea in units favorable for his/her use an dip it into the tea and then filter it to remove the used up tea leaves after the tea is ready. With much consideration and the continued growth of tea as an internationally approved beverage, many people got into the trade of selling and buying the tea. Some people exported the beverage while others bought it for their own personal consumption.

After realizing that the tea was largely in demand, some of the merchants decided to improve the hygiene conditions around the packaging of the tea in a bid to try and market the tea to all sectors of the social classes of people. The very first traces of tea bags go back as early as the year 1903 where the first tea bags were hand sawn using needles and silk muslin bags to cover the tea from spilling out. This was done by some of the first merchants who were involved in the selling and distribution of the tea across long distances.

By the year 1904 some of the first tea bags were evidently hitting the market .it did not however take the world by storm until a New York based merchant by the name of Thomas Sullivan started packaging his tea in bags and shipping them across the world. The success of his move was thus recorded and shortly after wards, a machine that could sew the tea bags was invented increasing the production rate and the quality a move that clearly depicted the beginning of tea bags in commercial basis.

After a long time of the tea bags being in the market, technology has thus been in play and the modern tea bags soon replaced the silk muslin with ordinary paper which was believed to be more economical as well as user friendly. The tea bags have however been improved over a number of times and to date, even the paper packed tea bags have become a major source of concern since a big percentage of consumer fear that the paper used to pack the modern tea could be compromised since the price of paper has continued to escalate due to the fact that the world is oozing more trees than it is planting.