Benefits Of Black Tea

Black tea, while not quite as renowned as its sibling the green tea, is nevertheless very sought after and commonly it is for its richer taste and higher caffeine content, making it a somehow more "potent" tea than the delicate green. Black teas are usually made of seeds or berries, and are far more known in Europe and the Middle East, who favor stronger brews. Many well known types of English tea are derived from black tea, so black tea in itself may be to Europe what green tea is to the Orient. While green tea is taken while it is still a little lush, black tea is essentially the same green tea but more dried and fermented which gives it its stronger properties.

Black tea nevertheless has powerful antioxidant qualities, coming at a close second only to green tea. Like many teas, black tea is said to help heart ailments as a "tonic", as well as help reduce the fat content in a body, promoting health and a healthier lifestyle. There are also its curative properties in terms of fighting cancer cells in the body, which is why so many doctors continue to recommend a daily dosage of tea to their patients to help them along. Black tea has the TF-2 chemicals, which actually cause cancer cells to self destruct while leaving other normal, healthy cells perfectly intact, thus promoting the further swiftness in the curing of a cancer patient. Interestingly, black tea also helps relieve ailments like arthritis, and, with its calcium and other nutrients, help promote good bones and good teeth. Black tea also helps in detoxifying the bloodstream from bad cholesterol which in excess will be harmful to the body and overall health, especially the heart. Black tea also has anti-viral properties, which further boosts the body's immune system, protecting the body from the many diseases going around today. Those with compromised immune systems are encouraged to take black tea as a form of boost. Another reason why so many people appreciate black tea is because unlike coffee, which has far higher dosages of caffeine, black tea has enough caffeine to stimulate the brain without the harmful side effects of excessive caffeine which can have damaging effects on the heart.

All in all, while tea in general is promoted as a healthy drink, both black tea has proven most notable in its properties and its nutrients which not only serve to nourish the body but also to protect it, encouraging a healthy body.