Benefits Of White Tea

Though not as popular as its siblings the green and black teas, white tea stands in itself as quite a different and particularly effective kind of tea with its own very surprising medicinal values. Tea in general is an herbal concoction that has a great many health benefits (so much so that the Orient has been drinking this steadily since the very beginning of their history and thus attribute their longevity and health in great portion to it), but in recent medical history, many doctors and academics are lauding its qualities as help against some of the worlds' biggest health concerns. White tea in particular has received a great share of this attention, hence its rise in terms of being a very healthy alternative drink.

White tea has, in university studies, been reported to have even more anti-oxidants than black or even green tea. Because it has not been as processed as black tea or green tea, it has far higher levels of catchin, a type of flavanoid most notable for the fact that it actively fights and kills cells that may cause strokes, heart failure, cancer and even diabetes. And because white tea is so unprocessed and unfermented, it is guaranteed to have the most catechins possible in a tea mix. It even has larger quanities of the amino acid called theanine, which is a very soothing and mood enhancing compound, relieving stress. Another notable fact about white tea is that it has even more anti-viral properties than green tea, and would therefore be able to greatly boost the immune system and help the body fight off infections and disease that go around the world today. Also, white tea would also use mature leaves of the tea plant (contrary to the common conception that white tea leaves are usually just made from the very young or budding leaves) and therefore it contains copious amounts of fluoride, which contributes to good healthy teeth. Aside from all this, white tea also has the same cholesterol lowering properties as with other teas, being able to melt away the bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and is this slimming and will improve the bloodstream and circulation.

All in all, white tea has proven itself an altogether more medicinal type of tea than ever, aside from its already being popular for the ideal balance of taste it gives when blended with other herbs or dried fruit. It has proven medicinally that is not only a delicious drink but also incredibly healthy as well.