Best Green Tea

It is the cup of tea we drink any time we feel lazy that energizes us. The power of tea as a great energizer is well known and many scientific researches have proven that tea protects our health as well. Since ancient times People think that green tea is the best and healthiest tea for the body. Scientific researches have also proved convincingly that best green tea is the healthiest from other types of teas as well and presented many reasons supporting their conclusions.

In 2007, a study from the USDA compared about 400 tea types and measured their flavonoid quantities, which are the main ingredients in tea leaves that help to benefit our health. The study proved that green tea is the type that contains the highest quantity of flavonoid, which is two times higher than decaffeinated green tea. The best green tea has flavonoids three times more than flavored green tea while it is 10 times over to that of instant and bottled green tea.

When comparing Best Green Tea, celestial seasoning authentic green tea comes to a top place according to an article published in the journal 'Nutrition and Cancer' a few years back. The article headlined 'Catechins Content of 18 Teas' was logically proved when comparing other brands that Celestial is the top one that has the highest quantity of Catechins.

Another brand that comes into the category of Best Green Tea is Stash Darjeeling Organic Green tea. The journal, 'Men's Health' carried a survey in year 2006, which proved that Stash tea has the highest quantity of catechins. It is five times higher than the earlier one - Seasoning.

Amidst this reasoning, though the scientific researches do not backup, loose green tea has a great place in the Best Green tea categories. Loose green tea is not oxidized. Therefore, it contains health beneficial ingredients such as theanine, chlorophyll, Vitamin C, catechins as well as other essential oils more than any other tea types. Unlike tea bags, which is produced by packing chopped, sliced and diced leaves, the procedure that causes them to dry very fast than loose green tea, ultimately reduces its quality by many shades.

Tea bags are a convenience when storing than loose green tea. Nevertheless, they are not the best green teas available now. Procedure of making tea bags proves that they loose their quality in the process. Therefore, it is advisable to buy loose green tea as your Best green tea next time you are in the market.