Best Herbal Tea

Nowadays there are innumerable herbal teas available in the market of different kinds and flavors. Herbal tea has many advantages and different herbal tea is used for different purposes. Some herbal teas are especially used for weight loss, whereas some are used to improve your immune system. There are countless advantages of drinking herbal tea on a daily basis. Here are a few herbal teas that are best for some important purposes.

Best herbal tea for B.P (high blood pressure)

Ginseng is the best herbal tea for B.P patients, it help in keeping you pressure in control and also boosts your energy levels too. It is also the best for people who are very lazy and feel sleepy almost any time of the day, as this tea helps in keeping your eyes wide open. This can be very beneficial if you're on a holiday as it just keeps you going on and on without feeling tired and sleepy.

Peppermint herbal tea helps in relaxing and if you're suffering with a bad headache helps you feel better in a few minutes. It soothes away your headache like it never ached at all. This tea tastes excellent with some cookies, therefore just relax and sip on your peppermint tea with joy.

For nausea the solution could be Ginger herbal tea, just a few cups can make you feel absolutely fine. Ginger tea should be carried while travelling out station, as you just never know when you can fall sick, also its better than taking something advices on the counter. Its safer and it can be a big help if you have kids travelling with you, just give them a few cups of this tea if they have nausea, it will definitely make them feel better.

People who have sensitive stomach and suffer many times due to an upset stomach, then they must try this out. Chamomile herbal tea, this not only helps your upset stomach, but also helps infants to fight colic. Although it's better to take your family physicians advice before you give anything to an infant.

If you fed-up of those sleepless nights and for once want to sleep well all night? You could try Sleepytime tea which is a combination of different herb like lemon grass, Spearmint and Chamomile. This tea really helps people who just can't sleep well, hence is highly recommended.