Black Green Tea

The nutritional value of tea is not in question at all, however some people may be tempted to verify whether the black or green tea have any major difference in terms of nutritional as well as medicinal value. In china for example, green tea is highly regarded to the extent of being considered the national drink, the main reason is in the fact that it has for a long time been perceived that green tea has better medicinal value as compared to the black tea.

Modern research has however tried to find out the facts about this allegations and the out come makes us think that as much as the green tea may have more in terms of medicinal quality, the black tea is also acknowledged to have its own unique value and the most outstanding feature that makes many people want to have a cup or two of this beverage is the distinctive taste and aroma that black tea boasts of as compared to the green tea.

The only significant difference between the two brands of tea is the caffeine content in the two brands. Black tea is known to have a higher caffeine content as compared to the green tea, it is however important to note that this factor should not be a reason to write of the black since the caffeine content can be taken care of by infusing the tea in hot water for a short duration of time. If you infuse the black tea for about 45 seconds and then drain the water, you end up eliminating almost 80% of the caffeine content that could be considered a deterrent when comparing the two teas

To get the black tea to give you the high medicinal value that is highly perceived to be present in green tea, you can simply add some spices or important roots that are proven to have the same values as is present in the green tea. One of such plants that can really uplift the medicinal value of black tea if blended together is the ginseng root which has been in use since the early days and has been proven to work wonders in terms of curative properties.

Both green and black tea can be found across the world from almost any coffee house of restaurant. Their prices vary according to the grade of the tea as well as the additional spices that are commonly added as accompaniments to the beverage to give them outstanding tastes. The preparation processes of both the black and green tea will also vary according to the preference of the person brewing the tea. They can be taken cold or hot as desired by the clients.