Black Iced Tea

The meager contemplation of a black iced tea on a blistering summer afternoon makes the greater part of us pleased. There is no other drink possibly, other than these tea and coffee which can be taken delight in in more ways than single, which is both hot and iced. Now there are several people who adore their tea and coffee only iced. But the subsequent query which crops up is how to go about making this magnificent drink at home, to be taken pleasure in at freedom?

Black tea has been associated with numerous health benefits. Drinking a glass of black iced tea has been considered very beneficial fro the patients suffering from the Cardio vascular disorders. As is a well known fact, tea actually helps in burning down the fat and lipid content of the blood. It also helps in dissolving the cholesterol plaques which line the arteries. These cholesterol plaques are the most dangerous stuff which when accumulated over a long period of time, can actually lead to heart attacks or strokes of the heart or the brain.

Drinking black iced tea is also extremely good for your immune system. Tea has been documented to contain loads of useful chemicals called as polyphenols. These polyphenols are nothing but extremely useful substances which are anti oxidants. These anti oxidants soak up the free radicals floating in the blood. The free radicals are the most potent dangers to the human body as they act as precursors to many chronic and fatal diseases like cancer and diabetes and Heart disorders.

There are many ways in which people enjoy the black iced tea. Some of them like to add a few drops of honey. Honey is not only a natural sweetener, but is also loaded with health benefits. So using honey as a healthy option fro getting your black iced tea is highly recommended. Others like to add a few drops of honey and also like to add some tang to the black iced tea, and hence use a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon too. The over all effect of drinking it is just awesome. All these stuff, the tea, the honey and the lemon are all totally healthy stuff and when you use them as a combined package to refresh yourself on a sunny afternoon, you are guaranteed to reap only benefits with regard to your health and well being.