Black Tea Bags

Black tea is considered the strongest tea when compared to the others which are less oxidized. The percentage of caffeine and flavor is usually higher compared to the oolong, white and green tea varieties. The health effects of black tea in precision are well understood- some including reduction of stress levels, boosting of the immune system, boosts cardiovascular health among many others. And with black tea having a longer shelf life in terms of retaining its flavor, compared to say, green tea it has long been favored for trade.

The evolution of tea bags started back in the early 1900's and has gotten bigger ever since. Black tea bags are very easy to find, given the popularity. Basically, one tea bag is meant to brew a solitary cup of tea, which is general knowledge. Black tea is produced in many regions of the world, and that is primarily what creates the difference with the black tea bags. The top producers include China, which is a leader in the global tea market, and India/Nepal. Active players in the Black tea market in Africa include among others Kenya.

Black tea bags do have notable differences, depending on the region of the world where they are produced, as it has been suggested. Differences arise with the aromas, taste, strength and color. While it is common to find black tea bags with tags or strings, there are some tea estate companies that prefer to produce without. It's a matter of preference, and does not have an effect on the quality of the black tea. When it comes to the cost, different black tea bags are priced differently. In the natural, the bags are not sold solely. They are packaged to about 50 bags or thereabout. The pricing is not the same for all kinds of black tea bags since some are considered to be of a 'higher grade' than others-thus the difference.

Black tea, in most cases is combined with other types of plants to make it richer in both flavor and aroma. The common kinds are English breakfast which is described as fully blended and rich. The Irish breakfast is a combination of several black teas which are all Assam. Masala black tea is usually rich in spices and sweeteners. It originates from India though it has been accepted in other parts of the world as well. All these, of course can be found packaged in tea bags.