Black Tea Health Benefits

Hmmm when a person gets vexed with work at home or office the first thing that strikes their mind is to have a cup of tea. In general people drink tea as a habit but very few people who know the benefits of drinking tea will feel great and their mind will go green usually. When one says green it is obvious to start thinking about green tea but both green tea and black tea are processed from the same tree.

Remember one think when you go out to have black tea. It has many names and is offered with different branding like Orange Pekoe, English breakfast and Earl Grey. The wide array of names given to the black tea is all for slight variations in the composition or concentration which each one of us might have sipped at one or the other time.

Black tea has an antioxidant called TF2 which has been proved to help a lot in various health concerns which range from prevention to cancer to body inflammation. Research has shown that tea will slow down the drastic growth of cells that are the base for cancer without disturbing or destroying the healthy cells.

A study carried out for years together in Netherlands revealed that people who drink black tea atleast thrice a day have less chances of dying with heart disease. When you have black tea the arteries will expand with a free flow of blood to heart there by saving your heart.

Also remember that to have the best results out of having a black tea try to take the loose leaf and do not mistake me for this suggestion. Many bags that are available may not be high at antioxidant levels and for those who like flavor using loose leaf will give a great taste rather than the nice finished bags.

When you move around in atmosphere it is common that you are affected by free radicals and having this black tea atleast once daily will help you prevent the harmful effects caused to the body by free radicals. Free radicals are the root cause for enormous health problems which can be avoided by intake of black tea.

Few other benefits for those who love to look young are it helps burn the fat in the body and speeds up your body metabolism, this eases the work for those who want to loose the body weight by rigorous exercises. It also helps for the delay of aging process which these days are available in various creams that are made of several tea extracts.