Black Tea Leaves

The tea research field it still at the nascent stage and whatever research has been done so far the more focus was on the much popular green tea. Now even the benefits and the usefulness of the black tea are taken into consideration and the focus is shifted to these relatively important and potential topics. The difference that separates the green tea leaves and the black tae leaves is the process of fermentation that the black tea undergoes. The fermentation is responsible for the conversion of the antioxidants into some other type of compound. This does not give any additional heath utilities from the non-fermented green tea leaves, but the health utilities derived are slightly different.

Falconoid is a content that is significant in the green tealeaves. This one component results in the growth rate of cardiac attacks possibility to rise. The content of this component is about 75% less than what is found in the green tea leaves. These statistics were supported by a survey conducted on more than 500 people for more than one and half decade in the Holland. This is because there is particular cholesterol that is responsible for cardiac disorders and this is mainly contained in the content falconoid. Therefore, the conclusion of the study is not surprising. The people who consume more amount of black tea in a day are less prone to the cardiac arrests than the people who consume relatively low.

Even the results of the studies that were conducted in the rest of the part of the world were more or less similar. In addition, this very fact has compelled me to pen down a few more benefits of the black tea leaves. Let us have a look.

1. there is a reduction observed in the cardiac patients concerns who regular consume black tea leaves

2. There are certain viruses that the black tea provides protection against. The virus of herpes is one such example.

3. It also obstructs the infections of the skin. Protection against the diseases like the pneumonia and the diarrhea are also seen

4. It helps to burn the body fats as it facilitates the increase in the metabolism growth of the body.

5. It is also helpful in keeping away the oral infections the decaying and other such diseases of the teeth.

6. Even the diabetes patients can get help from it as it even increases the production of glucose in the body.