Black Tea Set

Japanese d?cor has become a very popular theme for interior decorating; countless people welcome the fusion of materials made from natural materials and the ever-popular earth tones. Japanese accessories, which are appreciated for its artisanship, are being incorporated into existing furnishings, creating classy and elegant Asian decoration.

The black tea set, designed with Japanese "sabi", also known as elegant simplicity, is a classic. Japanese calligraphy embellishes most of the black tea sets. Japanese black tea sets are often used as a decoration or can be used for every day use. The striking pieces are functional, as well as, lovely. Black tea sets are a gorgeous piece of Japanese pottery that have a timeless design, and will go gracefully with any d?cor.

These magnificent black porcelain tea sets usually include the black tea pot and four teacups, making them perfect for entertaining. The Japanese black tea set was designed for the widely recognized Japanese tea ceremony. Calligraphy normally adorns black Japanese tea sets with different designs of representation.

Japanese black tea sets are available in a wide variety of materials and with either modern or traditional designs. They can be created from ceramic, cast iron tetsubin, or porcelain. All of these are made with strength, beauty, and superb quality.

One of the most popular designs on the Japanese black tea set is cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms symbolize strength and beauty in the Japanese culture. The black dragonfly design represents good fortune. Another black tea set the Japanese use as a decorative accent or just serving tea is bamboo cast iron. The bamboo cast iron tea sets are made from rugged iron with an enamel coating on the inside to ward off rusting. Cast iron will heat evenly and absorb heat well. Cast iron tea sets are praised for their strength, optimum quality, and beauty. The bamboo cast iron should never be used on direct heat.

In Japanese culture, the bamboo design demonstrates such characteristics as perseverance and endurance. Japanese black tea sets are cherished as treasures and are generally passed from generation to generation. Tetsubin and iron cast teapots are also known as a status symbol in Japan. Japanese teapots have evolved from a kitchen item to representing a status of nobility that is now used to serve tea. All of this came about during the middle of the 19th Century when tea drinking began to be more trendy and fashionable.