Blueberry Leaf Tea

There are many amazing leaf tea around, and one of such is the leaf tea from the blueberry plant that is native to North American. Blueberry leaf was used to be ignored by many people and has been considered as a waste for century until it was proven that there are a lot more and concentrated antioxidant agent that helps fighting diseases in the leaf than in blueberry itself, then only it became popular as the leaf tea.

In fact, it was also showed that blueberry leaf tea is beneficial to person with high blood sugar or diabetes. In which it has the ability to help getting rid of the excessive sugar in the boy. In fact, it can also be helpful for anyone who are suffering from gallbladder or kidney problems since by getting rids of the excessive sugar in the blood, it will help to relieve the tenderness of the bladder and kidneys. In fact, the byproducts from the plants are often used to help with kidney related ailments and urinary tract infections.

To harvest the blueberry leaves for blueberry leaf tea, it is important to gather leaves that is free from any pest infestation or diseases. In which a healthy leave from the blueberry tea is about a thumb size. Then put about forty leaves in a paper bag to try for a day or two. As the leaves were dried, spread it out on a rack away from direct sunlight and humidity for it to dry further until it is crispy. It might take up to several weeks for the leaves to become crispy; therefore, it will be nice to check on the leaves once a week for the progress. In which, the dried crispy blueberry leaves can now be stored in an airtight containers and are ready to be used for tea.

It is definitely a nice collection of tea leaf to have around in the house considering all the benefits from the blueberry tea leaf. Anyways, it might be a good idea to only collect the leaves after the berries had grown and the fall is coming when the leaves are nicely grown as well as all the berries. Then during serving it will be nice to add some of the dried blueberries for extra test with the tea. However, it will nice to be aware that due to the color of the leaves, the tea produced will be red, and so does your urination if over consumed, but it is of course not your blood.