Blue White Tea Set

Drinking tea is a part of all our lives and has been there from traditions to traditions. It is nice to bring out friends over for a cup of tea with some bites along! But are we all conscious about serving tea and the look and feel aspect of the tea table? Most of us do not give great importance to it, but trust me the entire feel of taking tea with such a cosy ambience is something to live and experience!

Tea table sets come in various colors but I suggest the blue white tea set which gives that cool and cosy tea time ambience! You can find these china porcelain tea sets in departmental stores, antique stores, or even discount goods stores. There are classic and exotic looks when it comes to these tea table sets.

You could match them almost with any kind of interior you want!

Decorating your table and matching other things with your blue and white tea set is gonna be very exciting and will get the creative side of you out.

You could look at matching your blue and white sets with nice bloomed pink flowers or a little blue and little pink flowers. They will look outstanding in your tea table.

You could also use strawberries or raspberries into a decorative and beautiful bowl and keep it in the table next to the tea set. White floral clay is another decorative item used for decorating the tea sets. Use them in a creative way or even camouflage them with leaves and make the place attractive.

Cookie plates, silver pieces that add elegance to the table, linens that make it all special, crystals that bring a new texture to the table, flowers that make the place bright and fragrant, cake plates in glass that add a class to the table can all be in place along with the blue and white tea set to make the table the perfectly set one!

Also ensure to have a tea strainer in hand if you are using tea rather than tea bags! Color schemes are very important for a tea time party especially if you are having one in summer! Blue is an exciting color which adds life to the place and is very vibrant. Whereas white mixes with it and makes a complete and perfect color balance to your tea table!