Blue Willow Tea Sets

Lovers of blue will be at home when I talk about this. Do you have blue willow tea sets in your home? By a tea set I mean the whole package: the teapot and the cups and some bowls perhaps. If you don’t have then you have missed one of the oldest designs in British tea culture but you are not at a loss as there are still plenty of these designs to go around in this day and age. Many manufacturers turned to the production of blue willow teapots at the close of the 18th century. It is said that the blue willow tea sets designs were modeled after the Yu Yuan garden in shanghai china. Whatever the reason the designs were created, the blue willow tea sets proved fashionable enough and soon enough everybody wanted to have a piece of blue willow in their home.

There is one striking color in these blue willow tea sets; that is blue. It gets its name from the designs and although it is on the darker side of blue it is referred to a blue willow. The blue designs range from picturesque landscapes to borderline features on the mugs, cups, teapot and bowls. There are enough designs of the blue willow tea sets to tickle your fancy. The blue willow designs are available for every kind of budget, so don’t be afraid that you will need too much money to purchase. A tea pot goes for 30 dollars or so and a whole set will go for about 60 dollars A tea set consists of several cups and a teapot in the least. There are some sets that come with a sugar dish which his good enough but they are more expensive. If you want to buy all the pieces of the tea set separately, you might cause a distortion as not all the designs are going to be the same in your new set. It is more expensive to buy a set separately. Some of the best names in the manufacturers of cutleries have a line of blue willow designs on offer. The internet presents a world of opportunities for buyers to scout and get the best deals for their cutlery. You can get cute ones for a cheap price on eBay or any other auction sites. This will also present to you an opportunity to look at the fancy designs on the cutlery.