Bone China Tea Sets

What is tea without a good tea set? Tea lovers all over the globe agree on one thought, that the tea drinking is never a simple process or a routine custom. It is an experience in itself. Tea always has always been connected with lazy afternoons, where the day’s work is over and all members of the family would gather round the tea table to enjoy the family tea time. The mere mention of tea transports us in to the world of the fairy tales, where there are umpteen mentions about the tea time. Whether it was the Mad Hatter or the old grandma in the fairy tale, there was always a mention of the good old tea time.

The current scenario is such that there is no time for tea or to enjoy tea leisurely as in the olden days. What has remained of tea drinking is just a ritual, where you mechanically pour out some warm liquid either from the electric kettle or from the tea vending machine and try to sip it down in between clicking away at the office computer. Nothing much can be done about changing the kind of world we now live in, and neither can any one among us, afford to sit at home, on a fine afternoon just to enjoy tea and tea time. So what could we possibly do?

The ambience of tea drinking is definitely created by the tea sets we use. The Bone china tea sets were a hall mark of fineness and grace and aristocracy. The olden days, tea sets were mostly made out of English fine bone china. It is only recently that people have started using all types of stuff to create tea sets and tea cups.

So if you cannot possibly change the world, the least you can do is to change the current tea set you own. Get a bone china tea set and recreate the ambience of the olden days. When you drink it alone or with friends, the mere sight of the bone china tea sets are guaranteed to transport you in to the magical world of tea drinking, where tea is not just a drink or a beverage but an experience in itself.

Bone China tea sets are also a wonderful gift option, be it for weddings or for other occasions. Further more, China is the theme for the 20th and the 36th wedding anniversary.