Brewing Green Tea

From the elite club members to the general bogie travelers, the green tea is an equally popular drink. The rising demand for the green tea leaves, the tea bangs and the volume in which it is consumed accounts for the same. This is one fact that cannot be challenged for debate. Green tea then however brewed it is, is simply a delight. However, then there are certain ways to brew green tea. If these measures are adopted while brewing then the result that it gives simply cannot be matched by any other brewing process. It will not just be a delight but you will even relish it. However, to many of us the task of brewing can be very demanding, more than a challenge.

Therefore, here are some tips noted down to be considered while brewing green tea.


This is the primary and most important brewing component. The water that will be utilized to brew green tea should be fresh, clean and not very hot. Therefore, it will be ideal to boil the water first and wait for it to come at proper brewing temperature. The tap water may not be ideal, as the water will have chlorine and other such water-cleaning agents. Therefore, the preference should be on mineral water it is possible to use.

The reason to allow the water to cool down to brew the green tea is to avoid the brew being bitter. The more the water will be hot, the more the brew will be bitter. Moreover, even if the water is very cold then not all the components refining and adding aroma and taste to that tea will be extracted. Therefore, it will always be ideal to brew the tea in lukewarm water as then there will be no concerns about the bitterness or the tastelessness. You can even verify the water temperature by using the thermometer if you are not very much sure about the temperature.

The Steeping

The steeping while brewing the green tea does not very often take much long. It is a simple 123 process. From where the tea is will also play an important role in deciding this time? In order to know the tealeaves that take less time to steep try the brewing with different tealeaves the warm water will also consume more time for the complete steeping to take place. So make sure that you maintain the right balance of the tealeaves and the water.