Brewing Iced Tea

Iced tea is considered to be a popular alternative to a horde of carbonated soft drinks across the U.S. Although it is available in packaged versions like bottles and cans at grocery stores, restaurants, vending machines and other convenient stores, it can also be brewed at home to the same perfection as the readymade ones.

Any variety of loose tea like the green, white, black, pu-erh, oolong and the herbal infusions can be used to make great tasting iced teas ( the bottom line being, use of good quality water for the making the ice to be used in iced tea).

The same set of procedures in making the brew for hot tea are to be followed while making the brew for iced tea , except that the brew must have double strength as iced tea is served over ice cubes. Using of ice cubes to crushed ice is preferred to avoid the possibility of melting to a minimum and resulting in dilution of iced tea.

Some tea companies have specific tea blends for preparing iced teas. Quality tea bags or loose tea can be used to make a glass of refreshing iced tea. Lemon juice when used with iced tea adds in giving it a punch. Raspberry or peach flavored iced teas can be made using raspberry or peach syrups or from frozen fruits which can be strained out later.

Brewing a cup of delicious tasting iced tea is a simple job. Brew tea on the stove as you would brew for making a cup of hot tea, adding any sweetener if desired. Allow it to cool slightly. Transfer the contents into a pitcher and place it in the refrigerator to cool for a couple of hours. Serve the iced tea on ice.

A coffee maker can be used to make instant iced tea. Brew double the quantity of tea leaves (you would use to make hot tea) in the filter of the coffee maker. Pour out the brew in a pitcher with half full of ice and your favorite iced tea is ready in a jiffy.

Method for making sun tea: Place some tea bags with water in a large glass container. Leave the container in the sun for a couple of hours. This pleasant tasting brew is a little warmer than room temperature brewing and can be enjoyed immediately.

Iced tea brewed at home is an invigorating summer time beverage which can be made as unsweetened iced tea, sweetened iced tea or even sun tea. The naturally occurring anti oxidants in the tea promotes your with health with many benefits while your taste buds enjoy its refreshing taste.