Buy Chai Tea

Tea is an age-old beverage, which has been drunk from time immemorial. Tea has its origins in China and it is drunk differently in every part of the world. Tea is one drink which has many versions and is enjoyed by all alike, old or young. Tea is basically drunk plain, without any additions in Asia. But these days tea is drunk as chai, the version where spices like cardamom, ginger, black pepper are added to inexpensive black tea. Chai is enjoyed in parts of Europe, Indian and even America. You can buy chai tea at any popular caf? in any part of the world today.

Tea is made differently in all parts of the world. This difference and variation in preparing the tea goes back centuries depending on the culture and taste of the people of that particular area. The traditional way or preparing tea is passed on from generation to generation and it stays intact becoming a symbol of the area. Chai tea is growing in popularity as many people like the strong taste of spices added to black tea. For people who want that energized, invigorating feel from their daily cup of tea, chai tea is best suited for them. Chai tea is ever mixed with milk and sugar before serving.

The kind of spice you want to use in your chai tea depends on what you like. Some people like the strong aroma and taste of ginger in their tea. Ginger tea is famous in many parts of the world and people generally use dry ginger powder to make their cup of tea. Other spices such as cardamom, cloves, black pepper and even cinnamon can be used to make chai tea. Each spice will add its unique aroma and taste to the tea to make it one different experience for the drinker. Some people even like a combination of a few spices in their chai tea. Cardamom and ginger are both usually used in preparing chai tea and experts say they blend very effectively to contribute to the savor and the aroma of the tea.

You can buy chai tea powder readily from the market or you can choose to prepare the tea in your kitchen by just adding a spice of your choice to simple, plain black tea. These ready chai tea powders are pretty good and they also come in many flavors like ginger chai, cardamom chai, and pepper chai. Chai tea is a very interesting concept to the plain milk, sugar and many people enjoy tealeaves type of tea and it.