Buy Chinese Tea

Tea is the next best popular drink after water. There are numerous ways when it comes to buying Chinese tea. Chinese tea can be bought from any of the shops as these shops are spread across the country; Tea can be purchased on the internet as well; in grocery stores or maybe the pharmacy.

Each and every place has the tea brewed especially for you. Almost every dining place right from the Five- star hotel to the roadside one's and not to forget the coffee shops also serve tea as per your choice. Chinese tea to be prepared at home are available in two forms that is loose leafs or the tea bags.

We are all very familiar with the commonly used tea bags. These tea bags are made from the by-products like dust and fanning's produced during the tea-making process. The tiniest particles are known as dust whereas when the tea leaves are broken they are called as fanning. There is one very important that we should be aware of: whether the tea is brewed from dried loose leaves or it is from a tea bag the health benefits would still remain the same provided tea is either white, black, oolong or green. The second important thing is that a tea bag once used should not be re-used. The flavor derived from a tea bag might not be similar to that of loose leaves, but the best way to find out is to get a taste of both.

Loose leaf as the name says is a tea which is not in a bag but is the form of either full or cut leaves. These leaves as well buds undergo different processes as mentioned above and are sold on the basis of their weight. The loose leaves have a richer flavor compared to the tea bags.

Tips while buying Chinese Tea:

* The grading is done as per the aroma, its natural color and its texture.

* Tea is obtainable in various forms which include tea lumps, tea bricks or cakes of tea.

Chinese tea is easily available in the department stores, teashops, teahouses and supermarkets. Teas such as the green and oolong are sold at a substantial and premium price compared to the others that is the black tea or the tea bags. All it needs for you as an individual is to see and experience all the products available in the Chinese tea market.