Buy Loose Tea

Most people like preparing their preferred cup of tea using tea bags; it is convenient and easier than the process of using loose tea. Despite the fact that this is a very quick method of making a cup of tea, there is the probability that it is not quality tea. Most people often purchase their tea bags off the shelves of their shopping places but what they fail to notice is that the tea bags are usually generic. If however, you purchase your tea bags from a reliable tea merchant then you are preparing the top quality tea.

Loose teas have a differing particle size compared to tea bags. The size of tea particles always affects the overall quality of tea brewed. There are chemicals and oils that are particular to tea leaves; upon disintegration, these chemicals and oils are lost leaving the tea bland. Tea processors usually use very tiny tea particles in the production of tea bags. When you buy loose tea, you are buying large pieces of tea leaves that will result in the production of superior tea.

Tea bags usually pack the tea leaves in confined spaces thus giving them limited space to brew in. For the best infusion of tea into the water, tea leaves need to have plenty of room in which to brew. Large tea leaves are not restricted to a particular space; therefore, they get a chance to unfurl without any hindrance.

After you are done with the loose leaves, there are various ways in which you can make use of the residue. For starters, you can place them in a container and then put them in your refrigerator. The tea leaves will get rid of any unwanted odors in the fridge that are as a result of the foods stored in there. After preparing onions, you can rub your hands with loose tea to get rid of the onion smell. This will also leave your hands feeling soft and supple.

When you wipe iron equipment using tea leaves, you will create a film over the surface thus preventing rust from destroying your equipment. Polishing wooden furniture using used tea leaves will leave them with sheen.

So, as you enjoy a nice cup of tea, you can also take advantage of the loose tea leaves and use them to clean your house.