Buy Organic Tea

It is general knowledge that in this day and age, organic foods are needed in large quantities to improve the health of consumers and ward off lifestyle diseases. After centuries of being obsessed with consumerism, the human race has realized that the best way to deal with the many lifestyle diseases of this generation is actually to not have to fight them at all. This means taking preventive rather than curative measures. That is why we have decided to borrow from the past and grow our food in a way that all the parties involved are satisfied. The consumer gets good quality food and the environment is not left to suffer the consequences of soil degradation.

There is an organic type to almost all types of foods in the American market and organic tea is one of them. 'Organic tea' means that the tea has no toxic chemicals in it. You should buy organic tea as non-organic tea is grown with the profit in mind rather than the quality of the tea and the health of the final consumer of the product. Pesticides and fertilizers are used in excessive amounts to boost productions which reduce the quality of the tea the consumer partakes at the end of the cycle. Not only is the final consumer harmed, the people that handle the chemicals in the farms that grow the tea are also suffer the same because of harmful chemicals in the pesticides and the fertilizers. The people living near the tea growing areas also fall victim to these chemicals and the environment take the worst blow as the chemicals from the pesticides and the fertilizers are washed away by the water from the streams which consequently harm the fishing industry.

Organic tea is grown using organic fertilizer which does not harm the environment to the extent that the chemical fertilizers do. This also means that it does not harm the handlers of the organic fertilizer and the people living nearby are not harmed either Given the fact that it is more expensive to grow organic tea, this expense translates to a higher final consumer price. Organic tea is more expensive but it has greatly reduced in the recent past due to competition. This has not stopped some companies from growing their tea non-organically and passing them of as organic in the market so as to sell it at a higher price. Before you buy, check the certification of the tea. Organic foods are certified by the USDA