Buy Tea Bags

Most people who enjoy their tea do so using a tea bag to make it. This is because a tea bag is clearly the most convenient way to buy tea, as well as store it and prepare it. Even the most particular tea drinker can be satisfied with a good cuppa made using a tea bag. The best part about tea bags is that they can be carried anywhere and made anywhere. You can be in a hotel room; thousands of miles away from where you live and still enjoy tea like you are at home. This convenience drives many people to using tea bags to enjoy their tea.

Buying tea bags can be quite a demanding job if you go out to the market nowadays. There are so many different types of tea available that it is a huge task in deciding which tea to buy. You have Chinese tea, Indian tea and within those, so many categories that your head will spin. However, of course, who complains about a little variety? You can get yourself a macula chai that will taste almost as authentic as what you would get in a roadside tea stall in a small lane in Bombay! For those who prefer flavoured teas, they can buy lemon, strawberry and numerous other flavoured teas to satisfy their tastes.

Now, how do you decide which brand of tea to buy? Trusting advertisements may not exactly be the best idea. It is good to talk to tea drinkers and find out which brands they recommend. If you want to go a step further, you can try visiting online forums and talking to tea experts about what brands, they recommend. However, you have to be careful because most tea experts will scoff at people who use tea bags!

It is good to check the quality of the tea bag by buying a small quantity first. Check for the colour of the tea as it boils, how it tastes without adding sugar or milk, and how many bags you need to make a decently strong pot of tea. These characteristics will tell you if the tea bag is good quality and if it will consistently deliver good, balanced tasting tea. Serious tea drinkers will always stick to one brand and buy tea bags of only that brand. Occasionally though, it is a good idea to try other brand and see if you like the different taste.