Caffeine Earl Grey Tea

Caffeine earl grey tea is a very popular type of tea, especially in the occidental world. Originally caffeine grey tea got its name from the second earl of Great Britain - Earl Charles Grey, in 1830s. Although there is no definite proof, Earl Charles is rumored to be the originator of the renowned tea. The Earl got the recipe from a Chinese mandarin friend of his. The Earl's memorable accomplishment was the introduction of an anti-slavery act. But he is remembered for the endeavor he made towards introducing caffeine earl grey tea. The Caffeine earl tea is a fine blend of teas of Sri Lanka and India.

It is commonly believed that caffeine earl tea is a type of tea, yet the fact is that it is a black tea, simply suffused with flavor of bergamot, a citrus fruit of the Mediterranean, similar to an orange bloom. What makes this tea different from other black teas is the fact that bergamot oil gives it a brilliant and sharp taste. It is not considered a high quality tea and is usually mixed with other insipid teas, complementing their tastelessness. It is a necessity to doubly check the quality of the caffeine earl grey tea before attempting to purchase it. The tea can be bought loose or in tea bags. It contains half the amount of caffeine that coffee or coke have. It is no wonder that more and more number of people are taking to tea drinking as a preferred beverage.

The caffeine content of the tea is ideal - just enough not to bring toxicity to it and not so low as to fail to provide the typical rejuvenating effect that tea usually has. Caffeine is a stimulant. It increases the heart beat rate and is good for body's metabolism.

Caffeine earl grey tea is often used to add their taste to cakes, sauces and other food item. In a study conducted recently, the intake of large quantities of this tea led to the development of muscle cramps, incidence of which could be lowered by reducing drinking of the tea. It is a hot favorite among people of North America and Great Britain. It is on the menu cards of every fine eatery of the West. Caffeine earl grey tea is not hard to find in all super markets today because of the great demand for the product.