Caffeine Free Tea

More than 80 percent people of the World consume caffeine daily, as it is contained in many plants that are consumed daily. Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system and makes our emotions more energetic than when we are lazy, dull and pondering without an aim. Although it is an effective stimulant, many researches have proven and some are yet in controversial suggestions that caffeine can be addicted as well as dangerous to the human body when taken excessively, or on a regular basis.

Caffeine contains 1,3,7 trimethylaxnthine. It turns to a white compound, which gives a bitter taste when purified. When you take caffeine, the body absorbs it within 45 minutes and it stimulates your body for about three hours. Then its effects diminish, and it excretes from the body's system. Caffeine could be addictive and that is why some people need many cups of tea at certain times throughout the day.

American Psychiatric Association in one of its reports headlined 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders clearly shows that a person's sudden withdrawal from caffeine when addicted may cause him severe headaches, tiredness, energy decrease, low activeness, insufficient attention, drowsiness, depression, anger, and many more similar mood changes and physical discomforts. Despite all these warnings, many people still take it deliberately, or unknowingly, as caffeine is present in many food products consumed in the modern world. One such highly popular food item is tea.

To avoid these complications, caffeine free tea is the option. Caffeine free green tea and decaffeinated black tea are manufactured under many brands names today. Most caffeine free tea contain natural herbs, fruits and suitable spices that help enhance your good health, and also works as a stimulant that has no bad effects on your bodily functions. An effective caffeine free tea is Rooibos tea. It is also called red bush tea. Rooibos tea is a native plant of South Africa and is highly valued for its health benefits to the human body. Rooibos tea is greatly used in manufacturing decaffeinated tea products.

Internet is the ideal place to find effective caffeine free tea brands. Many websites link with large tea companies promote and sell caffeine free tea via the Internet. You can see the pictures of boxes, bottles, and containers in many shapes and designs on these websites. Their prices, ingredients, and why they are different from other teas are also given on these websites. Once you have selected a caffeine free tea brand, you can also order it online.