Caffeine In Tea

Caffeine is the stimulant that is found in many beverages and makes most people addicted to the drinks. it is responsible for the soothing and calming effect that you feel when you take most of the drinks with the stimulant. It has a reputation of improving metal alertness and the reaction time by introducing more oxygen to the rain as well as improving the heart's functions and the entire respiratory system.

The caffeine content n tea has been a subject of debates across the world with many people getting increasingly interested in knowing the nutrient content of the foods and beverages that they consume. After acknowledging the fact that many of the health complications that we experience today are as a result of the type of foods we consume, some governments have even gone extra miles by passing legislations that force each food manufacturer or parker to include a detailed list of the nutritional content in the food substances that they sell.

One thing is worth noting. The caffeine content in ant tea is far much minimal as compared to the content in coffee and the debate as to whether coffee should be a better beverage in as far as caffeine reduction is concerned should not hold any waters. It is however important to note that the caffeine content in tea can always be reduced by infusion making tea one of the best beverages since you do not need to have sophisticated machinery to regulate your caffeine content before taking it. The caffeine content in our teas also varies according to the particular seed of tea ad the process of preparation of the tea.

A major factor in the determination of caffeine content in tea is the fineness of the grinding of the tea leaves. It is a proven fact that the finer the tea, the lower the caffeine content that is why the tea bags tend to taste different as compared to loose tea leaves. This difference could be attributed to e use of poorer or less quality tea leaves in tea bags as compared to loose tea since many manufacturers believe that the customer will not have the time to verify the contents of tea bags once they are securely locked in side the bags. One important piece of information is that the degree of caffeine in almost all brands of tea whether black green or red are similar and the only difference does come out from the size of the grind and most importantly the brewing process.