Caffeine Tea Or Coffee

Tea and coffee drinkers may not agree on any single thing in the world, but both the coffee and the tea drinkers do share a common worry. Which beverage has the most amount of caffeine, tea or coffee? Now to understand the worries of these tea and coffee gulping folks, we would need to understand what is that worries these folks about caffeine so much.

Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic and can have undesirable consequence on some individuals. One of the commonly acknowledged undesired effects of ingestion of drinks containing caffeine is sleeplessness and migraines. It also has the diuretic property that is the basis for more recurrent urination and consequently lack of fluids. You can also get the symptom of nausea.

All these reasons make people desire to keep away from caffeine as much as they can. But people who are drinking coffee and tea on a daily basis are also taking in large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a vital content of both tea and coffee. Studies give evidence to the fact that Coffee contains the maximum amount of caffeine that is around forty seven to one hundred and sixty four mille grams of caffeine in every serving of coffee, measuring about five ounces or 150 mille litre. But again the method of brewing coffee will also have a great say in the caffeine content. Instant coffee which is much popular amongst the coffee lovers has much reduced caffeine content when compared to the fresh drip of coffee. Now a serving of 5 ounces of black tea or 150 mille litres of black tea can load your body with caffeine ranging from twenty five to a hundred and ten mille gram. So the statistics clearly tip the scale in favour of tea, with regard to the safer of the two drinks, coffee and tea. But yet tea also has caffeine, and if you are a coffee lover and would still love to get your cup of morning coffee to get you going, then may be you need to search for alternative choices.

Decaf tea and coffee is the modern rage now, with almost all the popular coffee houses and the tea joints too, offering a wide range of decaf flavours. So that solves the problems of the tea and coffee aficionados and they can still get their morning cuppa without any guilt of pumping caffeine in to their system.