Cast Iron Teapot

The re-melting of pig iron with substantial quantity of scrap iron and steel produces cast iron. Within the process, unnecessary elements such as sulfur and phosphorous are removed using many systematic methods. Carbon and silicon quantity is also lowered and other elements are mixed to the melts before casting takes place. Some traditional cast iron producers use furnaces called cupola while modern manufacturers use electric furnaces to produce cast iron.

People use cast iron to build huge structures such as bridges, buildings, and textile mills. They also use cast iron to produce elegant, aesthetic items such as teapots. The strength of cast iron and its ancient looking appearance give a unique identity to any item. The cast iron teapot possesses these significant qualities and many more health benefits as well.

Japanese people have used cast iron teapots for centuries. Their Tetsubin cast iron teapot is treated as a valuable inheritance passed from generation to generation. The cast iron teapot is suitable for any setting. For the kitchen, or your newly furnished dining room, the cast iron teapot is a beautiful piece of d?cor as you can find them in various designs and colors. Wherever they are left, they always reflect the traditional appearance imbuing with the most modern furnishing very well that no item can easily accomplish.

Not only its appearance but also its easy usage makes them great items in the kitchen, or the dining room. It keeps your tea hotter for a longer time. An average cast iron teapot can hold 800 ml of tea and you can also use it to serve hot tea as well as iced tea when its infuser is filled with ice cubes. The handle of the cast iron teapot never gets heated by its contents. Many cast iron teapots have two lids that open and close in such a way restricting accidental spills and making pouring easy as well.

The cast iron teapot is a great item to gift. They are suitable as gifts for any occasion such as birthdays, wedding, graduation, home coming, or even for an occasion such as opening of a new business. As you can select the most appropriate design and color from the vast selection of cast iron teapots, and there are no occasions that you cannot match this item to give as a gift. They are available in many colors including pandu blue, imperial red, bamboo green, Yangtze clay etc. The shapes and designs of cast iron teapots are also unique, just like the places they are in.