Ceramic Teapot

Tea has always been an exotic beverage that is capable of soothing your body and your mind after a long day. Tea, after water, is the greatest, healthiest way to take a break and relax, and let the stress of everyday life ebb away. It has deep cultural significance in many civilizations across the world. It also has medicinal properties. If you're drinking tea to soothe your mind, and to create a laidback experience, you need to make sure that the manner in which you make your drink and serve it entices you to relax and have a pleasant day, as well. It is very important that you have a great setting in which you can enjoy your tea. Cups, saucers and a teapot are the basic crockery required to create such a setting.

A ceramic teapot speaks of quaint, old world charm. It adds great personality to your kitchen. A ceramic teapot might be simple to look at, but the work that goes into its design can be very intricate. You need to refrain from using loud colors on your teapot. It should neither be very fragile, nor be too staid and heavy to carry. The structure and the aesthetic appeal of a ceramic teapot need to be well balanced in order for it to be functional, as well as pleasing to the eye.

A ceramic teapot should be neither tall nor wide. A slightly flattened base for the teapot will allow it to balance itself upon a table. The spout must be of adequate length, and should have an appropriate angle so that tea does not spill out of it when the teapot is filled. The lid must fit properly to avoid any accidents. The handle should be able to bear the weight of the body of the teapot when it is lifted. It should also bear the weight of the teapot with tea in it, while the tea is being poured.

A ceramic teapot speaks of grace, charm, and elegance. It needs to look beautiful, and function well. The walls must not be so thin that they will break. However, they must not be so thick that the teapot looks ungainly. A ceramic teapot can be an expensive investment, particularly if you want an antique one. It is important that your teapot match the rest of your crockery; namely, your cups and saucers. It is always better to buy them all as part of a set. However, some ceramic teapots have such timeless grace that you should buy one on sight if you are lucky enough to come across one of their kind.