Certified Organic Tea

What is in an organic tea? Organic tea simply refers to unrefined tea –just exactly in its raw form with minimum processes involved before its use for drinking. The reputation of organic tea has been on the increase in the recent years, especially in the countries where it is naturally produced. Some reliable sources of quality organic tea are Brazil and India.

In American market, there had been a delay in the inclusion of organic properties into tea brands, and as result, there had initially been limited variety to choose from for a selective buyer. Here are some of the favorite brands that are now available in the American supermarket stores: -

* Numi tea

* Organic India

* Choice organic teas

* Rishi tea

What is it in a certified organic tea that makes it worth your money?

For many people when buying tea, a random choice is made not according to brand preference, but advertisements, packaging or even prices of these tea commodities. However, for a wise consumer knowing the content and process through which the tea might have been subjected to will prove important in maintaining quality lifestyle.

The process through which tea has been manufactured tells more about the end product. For example, there are some additives that are added which may have negative effects on the consumer. The chemicals put into this product during the growing stages in the farm, at times during pest control, also contribute to the toxicity of the tea. Such accounts in the tea cycle from growth to consumption will greatly affect the nature of tea.

In this respect, the American government has banned importation from several countries deemed to have improper farm practices. The USDA has made sure that certification of organic products is of the highest trust. This is where there is use of inorganic control methods including excess chemical use of fertilizers.

For those obsessed with environment conservation, the organic tea serves as a more applicable venue to guard the much beloved nature from pollution by these chemicals.

The term certified organic tea only refers to approved brands that are quite reputable in both excellence and quality. This will however differ on the grounds of which company is doing the certification. Use of artificial fertilizers is discouraged and any other modified genes of plants. Basically for a tea product to be organic, several cultures must have been adopted for a very long time in the use of inorganic supplies.