Ceylon Green Tea

In the beginning, the people of Sri Lanka were coffee farmers. In the late 1800s the country experienced a fall in the production of the coffee berry and so they were forced to look for an alternative crop to grow. This move saw most farmers go into tea farming so as to counter the effect of the losses they had encountered with their coffee. Coffee rust saw to the birth of tea farming in the region.

Ceylon green tea is one of the three types of Ceylon tea grown in Sri Lanka. It is a product of the stock from an Assamese. The tea has a taste that is full if it were to be compared to the other Ceylon teas. The Assamese seed used to produce it gives it a strong flavor that is bent towards a malt and nut taste. Most of these teas are usually given names that are derived from the Chinese culture. The naming system should not confuse you, the Ceylon green tea have a unique taste that is full of richness. They are also darker in terms of color. This is a quality that is being lost to the Ceylon green tea since the prevalent market seems to prefer lighter teas that have a mild taste. The kind of tea produced in Sri Lanka is still in its initial stages of growth and therefore it cannot be compared to other famous brands. Despite its struggle to create its niche in the industry, green tea is one of those tastes that appeal to a small audience.

Silver tips or the Ceylon white tea is a most sought after. It is sold in terms of weight and its pricing is steeper than that of its counterparts. The high prices are usually attributed to the fact that the tea undergoes very minimal processing. It has a very unique taste that has earned it the name ‘Virgin White Tea’. Ceylon white tea has one of the highest caffeine content in the tea industry. History claims that the tea was reserved for emperors and other types of royalties. The tea was harvested using gold clippers onto golden plates; it never came into contact with humans.

Sri Lanka has taken to the production of Ceylon black tea. It has an aroma that is fresh and fruity. This type of tea can be purchased as a pure brand or as a mixture of various teas. Ceylon black tea can thrive under different altitudes and is known to have a variety of flavor that appeals to varying preferences.