Ceylon White Tea

Ceylon white tea is on of three types of Ceylon teas. The Ceylon black tea has a fresh fragrance that has a hint of citrus. You can find it in its pure form or you can opt for the brands that have been mixed with other herbs. The various estates that grow it are able to produce distinctive tastes for their crops.

Ceylon Green Tea is derived from tea stocks. This type of Ceylon tea has a full body with an unpleasant smell. Ceylon green tea has malt, nut like flavor that is associated with the seed stock from the Assamese plants.

Ceylon white tea is commonly referred to as the silver tips. This type of Ceylon tea is more costly than the previous two. Its pricing is higher than most teas. The whole process of growing, harvesting and rolling is done by bare hands. The leaves are then put in the sun to dry and wither. Its taste is like no other and is very refreshing to the palate. This special quality has made the tea adapt to the name virgin white tea.

The Chinese people have for the longest of time enjoyed the benefits of consuming quality white tea. In the past though, the special beverage was only preserved for those who could afford it. It was presented to royalties as gifts and it even saw to the collapse of an emperor. The Western world has only recently learned of the joys associated with consuming this healthy drink.

White tea is usually the tea that undergoes the least processing. The leaves are usually withered and dry with a few buds. This tea is special in both appearance and taste. Its minimal processing ensures that it retains most antioxidants and other nutrients derived from the Ceylon plant.

Unlike all the other types of tea, Ceylon white tea has caffeine; the good news though is that it has the minimal amount of caffeine. If you are not a fan of caffeine, you can get rid of it by steeping the tea leaves in hot water for a minute and than brew it as you would normally do.

Always store the tea in a dry and dark place. The temperatures should be cool. Always ensure that it is in an air tight container to avoid any reduction in the quality of tea brewed. These measures ensure that you white tea will enjoy a longer shelf life.