Chai Black Tea

The term chai is derived from a number of eastern languages and is a simple term that means tea. Chai black tea is a simple definition used to describe tea made from black tea. In the traditional; eastern cultures, many of the communities that relied on tea as the regular beverage of choice considering that the beverage originated from the eastern countries had a wide variety of recipes that were used to give the tea a unique out come to avoid the monotony of having to take the same beverage in the same taste and flavor each and every day.

Chai black tea was typically made by brewing the tea in addition to several recommended spices and eventually adding the milk to make it more nutritious and healthy. Every community had its own spices that they preferred to use depending on the area in question and the type of spices that the community was known to plant. It is also important to note that almost all the spices were derived from plants, thus from their roots, leaves or flowers.

From early years in the trade between the west and the east, it was spices and salts that mainly formed the cargo that came from the east and the merchants crossed the oceans and high seas to go and sell the spices to their counterparts in the west. Tea and its related spices were part of the cargo and have always been since then to. It is important to note that the art of brewing tea just like any other cookery process involves a high degree of creativity as is always the case with any art in the world. Given the fact that there are several spices and recipes, it would be up to the person brewing the tea to try and exploit his/her creativity to come up with a variety of tastes in their chai black tea. Some of the very earliest spices used in the making of chai black tea from time immemorial are tea masala and ginger which continue to be very popular even to date.

Just like we have stated in the above paragraph, the choice of spice is not restrictive in any way as long as the taste meets your desires. Some of the spices can be used in groups since they will not lead to any problems from your chai black tea. The only important thing that every person should take not of is to avoid lemon in your chai black tea if you want to use milk.