Chai Tea Bags

The word chai originated from the word che, which is the Chinese term for tea. Now history has it that the tea originated from China. But this fact seems quite questionable, because tea has also been used and cultivated in India since the olden times. What ever the origin of the tea, the Indian term or the Hindi term for tea is chai, which has now become popular with the whole of the globe. Every one knows tea by its Indian name chai.

The Indian tea is quite different from that of the entire world, because only Indians prefer to use milk in tea. The usual procedure of brewing tea is to boil water and add sugar and the teal leaves to it. Once the tea leaves start boiling and the water becomes quite perfectly colored, the milk is added to the tea decoction and again allowed to boil, until the milk and the rest of the ingredients blend in perfectly.

There are a variety of different methods of preparing the chai. The first method is detailed above. But as is evident, this method cannot be used when you are looking out for instant tea. For instance in offices or while drinking tea on the go, you need some method to reduce the brewing time and also to cut down on all the extra equipments and ingredients. Keeping this particular fact in mind the tea bags were brought in to the market. But the major disadvantage with these tea bags is that you get a very weak decoction, by adding hot or boiling water to these tea bags. Neither do these tea bags offer the correct taste of the tea nor do they allow the tea to brew completely. Further more these tea bags never are suited to the preparation of chai, because when you add milk to the tea bags, the resultant tea just tastes insipid and quite bland. This means that the Indian variety of tea, which is so popular, cannot be enjoyed using these usual tea bags.

Now the chai tea bags are available, for the convenience of the chai lovers of the world. The chai tea bags have all the ingredients, and only require hot boiling milk to be added. The sugar also will be required to be added to the cup, according to one's preferences. But the end result is quite wonderful, and you can enjoy a wonderful cup of hot and tasty chai.