Chai Tea Caffeine

Chai tea is an Indian beverage that is now gaining more and more popularity in the west. Known simply as "chai" in India, the term "Chai tea" is used in the west to signify to the customer that the tea is distinctly flavored with a mixture of Indian spices. Of course, the Chai tea has been further adapted to some places such as America, where, to suit the most common tastes, the Chai tea comes in a more creamier, sweeter and milkier form, and is called Chai tea Latte. This drink, which has been present in India for thousands of years, is now gaining popularity everywhere else because of its excellent tastes and innumerable health benefits.

Though the origin of Chai tea has been traced to more than 5000 years ago, the basic ingredients remain the same. Chai tea is primarily made of the "chai", which consists of the special spices that are added, the black tea, which is a basic component, and milk, if needed. Many people prefer to drink just the black tea flavored with the spices. The "chai" mix consists of whole or grounded spices that are commonly clove cardamom, cinnamon, and some less frequently used spices such as fresh ginger, peppercorn, star anise and fennel. Almost all these spices not only add taste and aroma, but also give unique health benefits to the individual.

Tea, it is being proved every day, is very good for health. Research has indicated that tea is associated with better attention spans and concentration levels, better cardiovascular, or heart functions, and it has also been associated with protecting the individual from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. The spices to, have their own individual health benefits, For example, cloves are helpful in relieving pain, especially tooth aches, and they also act as antiseptics. Cardamom reduces nausea, fennel is carminative in nature, and cinnamon has been associated with regulating the levels of blood sugar.

The percentage of caffeine in Chai tea is about three times lesser than the amount of caffeine found in coffee. This, again, is an added health benefit. The unique aspect of Chai tea is that the caffeine present in it acts differently as compared to the caffeine present in coffee. Here, the caffeine interacts with the tea and is absorbs a lot more slowly, thus increasing focus without the "caffeine shock". Thus, Chai tea is a very beneficial drink that not only tastes good, but also is also very good for health.