Chai Tea Latte Mix

Differently to the Asian way of tea drinking with no extra ingredient the Europeans and the west are consuming Chai. Chai tea as the name suggests is a kind of tea where chai means tea, which was originated centuries ago in India. It has now gain popularity in west and mostly in northern America. Traditionally this form of tea contains spices and milk and gives a sweet and spicy flavor it can be served hot or cold with ice. Masala chai is another term to describe the spiced tea. Chai is one of the important part of the Indians daily diet, mostly Indians consume five to six cups of tea a day.

If we go back in the history chai tea was originated some 5000 years ago. Mythology has it that this chai tea invention was created by a king in an Indian court. The invention was made by a variety of spices which was known for its healing benefits. The combination was done using different spices keeping the ailments in mind. This story holds truth as chai tea combination varies from place to place, and the variation varies from town to town to villages to homes.

A traditional chai tea combination consists of spices that are either whole or grounded. It can also be powdery which is mostly available in all stores throughout India. The basic things that a chai tea contains are cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. The other ingredients that are added up to a chai are ginger, pepper corns, fennel or star anise. Sugar and milk are added up to the above ingredients to form a chai. There are endless ways to make this kind of tea. To make chai tea, the chai tea powder is boiled in water, let it simmer and then add tea to this mixture, allow it to boil and then you can add milk, to sweetened it you can add sugar or honey. The other forms of chai that are available in the market are pumpkin spice chai and green tea chai. Latte is added to the chai for a creamier drink. Latte is an Italian word where latte stands for a drink which is made of steamed milk. Use whole or skimmed milk according to your choice. Chai tea latte mix is combination f spices, ingredients of tea and yes steamed milk. It is very easy t make chai tea latte at home.