Chai Tea Mix

Chai tea mix has a rich history that can be traced back to over five thousand years ago. There have been narratives that state that chai was a creation of an ancient Indian king. It has also been associated with the Hindu’s system of natural healing. Despite all the speculation on the beverage’s origin, the name is got from the Chinese word for tea. There has never been a specific way of preparing the tea mix but the ingredients are pretty much the same for everyone. Chai tea mix is made using loose tea leaves, black tea, some water, milk and sugar to sweeten the drink. You can opt to spice up your tea by adding a variety of spices. Spiced tea is commonly known as masala chai. People have incorporated various ingredients to create a whole new meaning to the tea like vanilla, cocoa and licorice.

In India, drinking of tea is part of their lifestyle. In their community, tea is more fashionable than coffee. There are usually tea vendors who prepare tea over open fire in very large tea pots. When the tea is ready, it is served in clay cups that are smashed into pieces when someone is done drinking their tea. The tea pots are made using unglazed clay and therefore give the tea a natural and unique taste. In India, chai is an everyday beverage so as long as there is a multitude of people somewhere; you are bound to find a tea vendor in the vicinity.

Black tea is known to have the highest concentration of anti-oxidants. Since chai is made from black tea, it has been said to prevent its consumer against selected cancers. It also plays a significant role in lowering a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There have been studies that have claimed that chai can be used to suppress Alzheimer. Tea contains ingredients that have been known to improve the functioning of the heart and fortifying a person’s immunity. Some of the spices used to make masala chai are herbs that have been known to have health benefits to the user.

People have invented all kinds of methods to prepare Chai. There are usually a number of ingredients that are added to it to give it a distinct flavor. The only thing that has remained constant in the preparation of chai is the preference to use loose tea.