Chai Tea Powder

Unlike the Asian way where tea was prepared without any additional ingredients, the Europeans, Indians and now even the Americans are drinking fond of chai, which is nothing but a creamy tea with spices. This chai was originated in India with the main ingredients being black tea along with cinnamon, ginger powder, black pepper and cloves. Sugar as per taste and milk are added just before serving.

There are numerous ways to make chai tea. The best is brought from Darjeeling which is located in the northeastern India. Due to good quality soil and high altitude the Darjeeling tea stands out without any of the added ingredients.

The correct pronunciation for Chai is when it said with a lengthy "i" like the word lie. Chai is the term used for tea in many of the countries. The chai tea is becoming very popular in the western countries as consumers are getting exposed to lattes in tea and coffee shops.

Chai tea prepared from the chai tea powder is a rich and multifarious beverage that has been relished in many parts of the country for centuries especially India. Chai tea is a form of black tea that is blended with spices and then diluted with sugar and milk.

Chai tea can be consumed either hot or sweet. The sweetness is required so that all the flavors of the spices can be relished.

Many of the western supermarkets have started selling single- serving teabags of the chai tea. As per the package directions the only requirement is steeping the tea bag of ground spices and chai tea leaves in cup of boiling water for a few minutes resulting in a drink which is a bit stronger that the normal teabag but still is not intense like the traditional tea preparations.

For times when just hot water addition is required the powdered chai can be tried. All one needs to do is add hot milk or water.

The benefits provided by the chai tea for a consumer are arguable, depending on exactly what kind of chai tea is consumed and the number of times it is being consumed. In India chai is consumed on a daily basis and some provable health related benefits have been noticed. In the other countries, component substitution may vary from the possible health related benefits of the chai tea. Though tea by all means is best for health and the chai tea is definitely not bad for majority of the consumer under any circumstances.