Cheap Tea Sets

The market has various types, designs and colors of cheap tea sets, with both artistic and practical values. There are Chinese tea sets, which are specially designed for display and gifting. Tea sets have gone through an evolution over the years and generations, they usually differ from place to place. They are designed according to the taste of people in different countries. Tea sets are priced differently according to the materials, quality and designs. The cheap tea sets are used for regular use while the expensive ones are usually used on special occasions. The different kind of cheap tea sets are below:

Fictile cheap tea sets: there are many fictile sets available; the purple color tea set of clay is one of the best. It is made from clay, which is unglazed; it is baked with red and purple color mud, which can be found in any local store. It is heavily accumulated and molded very finely at extreme temperatures; this tea set does not just prevent leakage but also has the capability to absorb any liquid and also keep the flavor of the tea because of its porous nature, which is unnoticeable by the naked eye. This purple tea set does not blister the hands when hot because it transfer's heat very slowly. It can also be placed on fire if the tea requires heating, it can the capability to withstand any kind of temperature changes. It usually has very simple designs and colors. The common shapes are of lotus root, knot of a pine tree and bamboo tree etc.

Porcelain cheap tea sets: this is the most well known in China; it has had great sales in the past few years, and done extremely well overseas. They have cheap tea sets.

Celadon cheap tea sets: this is made of high quality materials and has wonderful designs and colors; it also keeps the tea hot for a longer time compared to the others.

Black color porcelain tea set: this is made especially for hot teas and it is believed that black porcelain improves the quality of the tea. These tea sets are difficult to cool once they are heated; this is because of its thick base.