China White Tea

White Tea has actually arrived from North America. China tea drinkers and lover have been attracted to the benefits of white tea since the Ming Dynasty. Now days everyone from doctors to chefs to medical researchers is praising the health benefits and flavors of white tea. White tea will soon turn into the hottest new food trends are predicted by the market researchers. One of the most exclusive brands of organic white tea is (bai mu dan). Camellia sinensis is the tea plant from where this highly prized and rare tea comes from. In the Fujian province of china these buds are handpicked just a few special times of the year. People who respect and enjoy the smallest details in life will totally enjoy the highest quality of the china white tea. Not just this, but china white also provides a few health benefits, it promotes radiant and healthy skin, not as highly processed as most other teas, including green tea. These are also referred to ' the anti ageing' tea, and helps in cleansing and purifying.

China white contains up to five times more anti-oxidants than green tea or any other kind of tea. If it's such a unique kind of tea so obviously the way you brew it is also different. First of all you have to take fresh cold water, do not use water which is stale and kept in the jug for days... For best results just get the water to a point where it is just rolling, then let it sit for a minute then pout the warm water onto the special leaves. White tea leaves are much less dense than any other tea, so you would have to use more tea leaves than you would normally use. Using 2 teaspoons for a cup would be good enough, do a taste test and check if you need more leaves or need to subtract. An almost ethereal flavor is emitted from the white teas. They are fresh, sweet and gentle. These tea leaves are picked from the untouched and unspoiled mountains and are naturally dried in the clear mountain air. This tea is picked, brewed in a very different and a special way and even is a very special tea with a lot of health benefits.