Chinese Green Tea

The Chinese just like any other eastern nations have been taking tea for a long time. In fact it is the Chinese people who might have pioneered in the discovery of green tea and its medicinal value in almost a millennium ago.

With the attraction of the green tea from the rest of the world and many people from the western nations acknowledging the outstanding quality and value of the green tea, the consumption of the Chinese green tea has grown in fame beyond the Chinese borders.

It is important to note that Chinese green tea can also be mixed with other additional herbs with medicinal value thus improving its medicinal content a great deal. One such addition is ginseng, a root from china which has grown in fame to become another world acclaimed drink of choice simply because of its medical value. Many people have become victims of modern lifestyle and suffer from a series of lifestyle related illnesses. Green tea is known to have very few side effects if any. Other than the caffeine content in it, the tea can be a good source of drinks that are free from any medical side effects that can affect modern man.

It is however important to note that the caffeine content in the tea can be reduced by infusing the tea in hot water over a duration of less than a minute to kill or eliminate a large percentage of the caffeine content in the green tea. This makes green tea a winner in the class of healthy beverages the world over. Talking of Chinese green tea, one may be tempted to think that the tea is only available from china, the truth of the matter is that the drink is available from most of the eastern countries the only distinguishing factor is the fact that the Chinese produce a large amount of the tea and as such they have a major impact on the green tea market in the world.

The prices of green Chinese tea vary according to the type because the tea is prepared in different methods. The tea can be found in different versions ranging from the loose leafs to the soluble form that dissolves completely when stirred in water. Preparation methods different in all these types of tea and thus cost differently. The packaging material also plays an influential part in the determination of the end price of the green tea. Other tea producing countries in the world have taken leading role as well in the production of green tea to meet the demand for the product internationally.