Chinese Herbal Tea

Most of us have already heard a lot about the Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese herbal tea is a part of the Chinese herbal medicine. Though it does not contain tea leaves or tea leaves are very rarely used in the preparation of this Chinese herbal tea, yet it is known as tea. Used extensively for medicinal, purposes, it is usually prepared in the Southern part of China called as the Guangdong province.

The taste of the Chinese herbal tea may vary according to the bitterness or sweetness of the leaves used in the decoction. Since it is limited to use as a medicinal tea, the taste does not mater so much. This is for the reason that, people who are sick or are looking to get themselves cured of a certain sickness, are almost certain to expect bitter or weird tasting medicines, so they do not seem to mind the taste of the Chinese herbal tea.

The health benefits are listed out extensively. The usual benefits are dedicated to the anti oxidants found in the leaves, called as polyphenols. These anti oxidants are beyond doubt ready to lend a hand in sustaining a first-rate immune system and also in a lot of cases have been confirmed to wrestle off even cancer cells. The anti oxidants also give a hand in preserving the dynamism and youth of the body, by averting cell aging. When the cells age, they not only show the way to break down of the cells, but also direct to aging of the complete body. This is the reason why the Chinese herbal tea has been credited with massive health benefits.

The Chinese herbal tea is also said to reduce cholesterol and helps in burning of fat from the body. The areas in China where these herbal tea decoctions are being used are quite hot in temperature. They drink this tea after cooling it and call it as a coolant drink, because basically they drink it to keep the system from reeling down under the heat effects of the sun.

Women also tend to use this Chinese herbal tea for its cosmetic benefits, as it has been proved that long term drinking of the Chinese herbal tea can actually bring a wonderful glow to the skin. In addition to the glow, it also helps the women in maintaining their slim figures, making them extensively popular among them.